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Answer Key

Riddle: This organization lives in the heart of downtown Lethbridge and has plenty of local members. First Fridays, the farmers market and history tours, they are downtown event assemblers. Their short three letter acronym name makes them easy to remember!

Answer: Downtown Lethbridge BRZ – 309 6 Street South

Riddle: A quick stop at this south scenic drive store has more than you could ever ask for. With slurpees, sweets and snacks galore. Convenience with a K is what you’ll circle back for. 

Answer: Circle K – 210 Scenic Drive South

Riddle: Movies, games and music to trade, or maybe you just need an upgrade. This local business has been downtown royalty for more than three decades. 

Answer: King of Trade – 317 5 Street South

Riddle: People go to this local business to find a nice ride. Located in a mall where you’ll never leave dissatisfied. Once you decide, you’ll be zoom zooming down the roadside.

Answer: Gary Moe Mazda – 3530 4 Avenue South

Riddle: Found on 12th street north, this sun loving business gets two A’s. Experts in installing structures to keep out the wind and the rays. Our province’s nickname and the 13th element will give it away. 

Answer: Alta Aluminum – 252 12 Street North

This northside shop is in the business of keeping you pressured up and going round and round. Skilled in their craft, they keep you on time and hitting the ground. Tread lightly the very last clue is almost found.

Answer: Kirk’s Tire Craft – 238 22 Street North

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