Our Mission


The mission of Crime Stoppers is, “to create a safer, more secure community.”

Crime Stoppers, through its relationship with the Police Service, Public, and Media, provides an indispensable service. Without Crime Stoppers and the guarantee of anonymity it provides to those who call in or submit tips, many criminal cases would go unsolved.

To ensure its success, Crime Stoppers depends on donations from individuals and corporations. Thanks to the tremendous support the program has received, Crime Stoppers has been truly successful.

What you see… What you hear…  

What you know… Can help solve a crime.

Police need your help with recent Bike Theft occurring in

Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. Crime Stoppers will pay

for information that ID’s individuals involved or assists

in solving these cases.

Three Essential Elements Make Up a Crime Stoppers Program:


Citizens become more involved and make a strong contribution towards solving crime in their communities.


Crime Stoppers methods, objectives, successes, and special events are publicized on a regular basis by the media.


A special Crime Stoppers phone with a well-publicized number is provided to the community. Callers are assigned a special Code number and NEVER give their names. If, after the investigation, the information leads to an arrest, the caller is entitled to a reward.

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